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Getting the Most out of Your Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

As you work toward earning your bachelor of fine arts degree, it is a good idea to already have an idea of what you may enjoy doing once you graduate so you can get the most out of your degree. It is wise to choose a focus with your major and become a master

Why Does the Military Use the Colors They Use?

The colour brown is generally used by military all around the world. What is the reason behind using this colour? Well, brown blends very well with the landscapes of all kinds. Whether it is forest, hills or snow brown is really hard to spot. Hence it is used for colouring military clothes, equipment and

Ways to Trace Designs on Glass for Glass Painting

The beauty and mesmerizing nature Glass painting products look beautiful and mesmerizing. If you are creating a painting on a glass sheet, there is no need to trace at all as you can simply place the glass on the design and start drawing and painting. However, not every time, one decides to paint a

Various Ways of Painting Glass Bottles

Painting glass bottles is a great way to add amazing décor to your house or office space. It is cost effective and the satisfaction of doing something yourself is great. There are many different ways in which one can actually paint glass bottles. Some of the most popular ways of decorating glass bottles with

Things to Remember While Using Glass Painting Colors

Framing sheets as paintings Glass colors are specifically used to paint glass. This glass object can simply be a sheet that can be framed and used as a painting; it can be a bottle, a saucer, any other object made of glass like a vase or a bowl, windows or doors made of glass

How to Paint Glass Bottles

Wide range of variety Glass painting has got a lot of variety. One such different way of painting glass is by painting glass bottles. This art type not only looks beautiful but also uses the otherwise trashed bottles. In a way it helps in maintaining the ecological balance when it comes to utilizing waste.

How to do Glass Painting

Classic glass painting art A simple form of art yet classic in looks is glass painting. It is something that can be done by a child or an adult as well. Glass painting can be done as a whole piece of art or even as a tool to decorate glasses, saucers, and photo frames.

How to Create Reverse Glass Painting on Your Own

Reverse painting technique Have you ever thought of doing the reverse painting? Well, with glass, you can do reverse glass painting. It is not only simple but looks strikingly amazing. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will end up creating one of the best art pieces that you have ever tried:

Glass Painting – Know its History

Defying the age limit Glass painting is an art that is not new. It dates back to 18th and 19th century when it was used as a way of providing privacy for rooms with glass windows and doors. Initially, it was known as glass staining. Slowly and steadily, glass painting emerged as an art

Create Your Own Glass Painting Outliner

Knowing your outliner People who do glass painting with glass paints know the importance of a good outliner. Outliner is essential because glass colors are very thin liquid that can move around on its own like water. Hence, it is imperative that one uses an outliner first and let it dry off. The actual