Create Your Own Glass Painting Outliner

  • Knowing your outliner

create-your-own-glass-painting-outlinerPeople who do glass painting with glass paints know the importance of a good outliner. Outliner is essential because glass colors are very thin liquid that can move around on its own like water. Hence, it is imperative that one uses an outliner first and let it dry off. The actual painting should only start after this. There are various companies in the market providing glass outliners for painting purposes. These are easily available in the market at stationary shops or art and craft supply outlets. However, if you want to create your own glass painting outliner, the process is not difficult.

Creating your own glass painting outliner means that you can create an outliner of any color instead of sticking to what is available in the market. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to create your own glass painting outliner:

  • Get yourself a container in which you will create this mixture to be used as an outliner.
  • After that, put some ceramic powder in it and then add the usual fevicol and fabric color to it.
  • Mix these three properly in the bowl using a spoon. It is important to ensure that there are no bubbles or lumps in the mixture. It should be neatly blended.
  • If more flow is required then you can add a bit more of fevicol. Do not ever add water to this mixture.
  • Your glass painting outliner is ready. Now, with the same spoon, you can put this mixture in an old outliner bottle and use it. Else, you can also make a cone using a plastic sheet and keep the hole big enough as required for the outline. Try and make the cone using a slightly thick plastic sheet so that you can easily hold it while making the outline. Enjoy your own glass painting outliner!