How to Create Reverse Glass Painting on Your Own

  • Reverse painting technique

reverse-glass-paintingHave you ever thought of doing the reverse painting? Well, with glass, you can do reverse glass painting. It is not only simple but looks strikingly amazing. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will end up creating one of the best art pieces that you have ever tried:

  • In the case of glass painting, one has to work on a glass sheet and consider it a canvas. So, first and foremost, clean your glass canvas with some cotton dabbed in basic nail polish remover. This will help you in removing any stains or dust from your glass canvas. A clean start leads to an awesome finish.
  • Now, the next step involves selecting a design. Usually, in the case of glass paintings carried out in a reverse way, people select figures. So you can select animals, people or a basic scenery. It’s totally up to you. Select what you think will be easy for you to color as this is your first time.
  • Now simply put the image that you have selected against your glass sheet and sandwich it with a cardboard or a waste solid sheet. Or else, you can simply place the image on the table and then place your glass on it. As it is a clear glass, you don’t have to trace.
  • Start painting with the choice of colors that you have selected. They could be oil colors or glass painting colors. In the case of glass painting colors, do not forget to use the outliner.
  • Once they dry off, you can choose a background color translucent sheet or you can simply opt for foil paper. Crush it and put it on the painting that you have just now created. This should only happen once it fries off.
  • Reverse it and frame it. Your masterpiece with a shiny background is ready! Now, you can flaunt it on any corner of your house.