How to do Glass Painting

  • Classic glass painting art

classic-glass-painting-artA simple form of art yet classic in looks is glass painting. It is something that can be done by a child or an adult as well. Glass painting can be done as a whole piece of art or even as a tool to decorate glasses, saucers, and photo frames. Let’s look at some easy steps of doing glass painting:

  • The first step towards making an awesome glass painting is to select the glass piece on which you want to paint a design. Once chosen, clean the glass piece with a cotton dabbed in spirit or you can also opt for simple nail polish remover. The idea is to clean the glass so that a stain (if any) or dust particles are not there.
  • Then decide on the colors that you will use on this glass. Well, you can use any color starting from oil colors, watercolors or choose glass colors. Glass colors are specifically made for painting on glass. These colors create a translucent design. One thing that is important to note here is that if you choose glass colors before painting the design, you have to make an outline using the outliner. It is a thick color that creates a boundary so that the color doesn’t flow around. However, it is not required if you use oil paints.
  • Choose your design for glass painting. In the beginning, you can choose a comparatively simpler design. In the case of glass painting, you can avoid tracing the design on the glass. Simply put your glass piece on the design and start making the outline and color.

Glass painting is an easy way of making masterpieces and you can get them framed too. Simply start making a collection and choose a wall to display your artistic creation to friends and family.