How to Paint Glass Bottles

Wide range of variety

paint-glass-bottlesGlass painting has got a lot of variety. One such different way of painting glass is by painting glass bottles. This art type not only looks beautiful but also uses the otherwise trashed bottles. In a way it helps in maintaining the ecological balance when it comes to utilizing waste. These bottles can be used as vases or simply as decorative items. Steps involved in making a simple bottle painting are as below:

  • Bottle Selection: First and foremost, select the bottles that you plan on revamping with a makeover. These can be old wine, whiskey, milk or even vodka bottles. There are so many shapes and sizes that liquor bottles come in. Select what you like the most.
  • Choose the Color Type: Now select the color type. The best option is oil-based colors because they carry a shine once dry.
  • Clean the Bottle: Clean the bottle thoroughly and dry it off from inside and outside. You can use a hair dryer if you can’t wait.
  • Fill it Up: Painting a bottle is very simple. Simply take a big syringe and fill it with the color of your choice. Then simply put the syringe mouth in the bottle and throw the color. You might have to repeat this step couple of times to ensure enough color is inside the bottle.
  • Rotation Time: Now, start rotating the bottle in various directions to ensure that all the inside parts are covered with color.
  • Oven Time: Once you are satisfied with the color distribution in the bottle, put it in the oven for around forty minutes on 150 degrees.

Your amazing bottle is ready. You can create a set of these bottles in the same color or simply choose different colors. A bit of lace on the outer side of the bottle can also be used later.