Things to Remember While Using Glass Painting Colors

  • Framing sheets as paintings

using-glass-painting-colorsGlass colors are specifically used to paint glass. This glass object can simply be a sheet that can be framed and used as a painting; it can be a bottle, a saucer, any other object made of glass like a vase or a bowl, windows or doors made of glass etc. Glass colors are translucent in nature. Once they dry off, they give a translucent effect on the object. Some of the things that one should keep in mind while using glass colors for painting are mentioned as below:

  • Always remember that you should not shake the glass color bottle right before using them for the painting purposes.
  • At times, while painting a glass object with the glass colors, there is the possibility that bubbles will form. Do not leave them like that until the time you are actually aiming at getting bubbles for some visual effect. Always ensure that while painting, if there are color bubbles, they need to be popped right there. You can simply use your color brush or a needle to pop these bubbles. This will ensure that your painting has got a smooth and sleek look.
  • Glass colors can either be water based or some other solvent base. You can use either of them. However, try and stick to one type on one painting to give a uniform final effect on the painting.
  • Glass painting colors take some time to dry off. Always remember that the glass should not be moved a lot while the paint is still wet. If it is moved the color might drip. Also, never hold the glass sheet vertically if the paint is wet.
  • If you are using glass colors then you must be using an outliner too. Still, ensure that the adjacent portions are not colored with glass paint till the time all other areas are completely dry. Otherwise, the colors might mix.