Various Ways of Painting Glass Bottles

painting-glass-bottlesPainting glass bottles is a great way to add amazing décor to your house or office space. It is cost effective and the satisfaction of doing something yourself is great. There are many different ways in which one can actually paint glass bottles. Some of the most popular ways of decorating glass bottles with painting are:

  • Fill it with color: This one is the easiest one. In this case, simply fill your favorite oil color with the help of a syringe in the bottle that you have chosen. This rotates it around to ensure that the color is evenly spread across the inner surface of the bottle. Then place it in the oven for around 40 minutes on 150 degrees. Voila! Your painted glass bottle is ready.
  • The second way of painting glass bottles is equally as simple. Just trace a design on the bottle and use the outliner to make the boundary. Once it dries off, paint with your favorite glass colors and your bottle is ready. You can fill the bottle with colored water to make it look more attractive. However, you can keep changing its contents. Else, you can fill it with crushed translucent paper or foil.
  • Stick tape on the bottle in the desired pattern. Afterwards, color the bottle with your favorite oil paint. Once the paint dries off, remove the tape. The design will make the bottle look like a masterpiece.
  • A lot of people use spray paint to paint the bottles. It is simple. Just wear gloves before you do that and apply waste paper on the surface before you start spraying.

There are much more ways in which glass painting can be done on bottles. These bottles can be used as decoration pieces or vases for artificial flowers. Many people use them as lanterns also. The options are endless like creativity. All you need to do is explore.