Ways to Trace Designs on Glass for Glass Painting

  • The beauty and mesmerizing nature

trace-designs-on-glass-for-glass-paintingGlass painting products look beautiful and mesmerizing. If you are creating a painting on a glass sheet, there is no need to trace at all as you can simply place the glass on the design and start drawing and painting. However, not every time, one decides to paint a glass sheet. At times, you might want to paint a bottle, a vase or a plate. During those times, placing the article on the design is not a feasible way. Hence, at that time, tracing the design on the piece that you have selected to paint on is the best option available. However, the question is how to trace the design on glass object for glass painting.

Well, it is simple like rest of the things involved in glass painting. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get the perfect design traced on your glass object for glass painting:

  • Choose a design that you want to trace. It can be a picture, a design or a signature as well.
  • Once you decide on a pattern, get a tracing paper and pin it to the picture by placing the tracing paper on the image on a flat surface. Ensure that all the air bubbles are removed to get the perfect trace. This can be done by carefully pinning down the corners.
  • You can use a marker of good quality and thinly point out the replicate of the design on the tracing paper.
  • Now, as the tracing paper is thin, it can easily be placed on the glass object for tracing purposes.
  • Use the outliner to create the outline and let it dry off. Later you can color the trace or the outline to get the expected art piece.

Tracing is a simple way of borrowing a design and putting it on glass for coloring. You must try it once.