Why Does the Military Use the Colors They Use?

The colour brown is generally used by military all around the world. What is the reason behind using this colour? Well, brown blends very well with the landscapes of all kinds. Whether it is forest, hills or snow brown is really hard to spot. Hence it is used for colouring military clothes, equipment and also for tents. This is done to camouflage the military from enemies. When the equipment, men and their dwellings are covered with brown it is hard to spot and is a tactical way to stop being seen.

shutterstock_300585680The use of olive green uniforms and helmets

If you are a fan of the green berets then definitely you would know that olive green is another favourite military colour. This colour is used to paint military vehicles and sometimes even the tyres. The colour is a natural camouflage. The colouring comes in handy, especially when moving through an area covered with vegetation. Sometimes brown and olive green are mixed to give a feeling of vegetation and dirt together. It is really hard to spot a soldier in the camouflage dress. One website where you can get good information on military vehicles is Mvt-essex.org.uk. The site really has some good write-ups.

The military colours are trendy

The camouflage colours (Olive green, brown and their mix) are also becoming a trend. Nowadays you can buy shirts and t-shirts with camouflage colours and patriotic messages. The colours are making an appearance at fashion fiestas and fashion shows all around the world. The main reason for the popularity is the change in the image of the military from being a dangerous profession to a cool profession. Anybody any day would like to be portrayed as a military personnel and that can be done by wearing the camouflage dress. So, the trend is here to stay as the military will continue their use for the tactical purpose.